Mental Health – Eating Disorders


Eating disorders are characterised by an abnormal attitude towards food that causes someone to change their eating habits and behaviours.

What is an eating disorder?

There are three main eating disorders (There are more). They are; anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating.

Anorexia Nervosa: when a person tries to keep their weight as low as possible by, for example, starving themselves or exercising excessively.

Bulimia Nervosa: when a person goes through periods of binge eating and is then deliberately sick or uses laxatives to try and control their weight. 

Binge Eating: when a person feels compelled to or can’t help overeating large amounts of food in a short space of time.

What might a person with anxiety eating disorder experience?

Anorexia Nervosa: They might see themselves in a totally different way. They may see loads of fat whereas they are probably just skin and bones. They’ve probably had some impact from seeing thin people online or in magazines but these are false representations of true beauty. They may not eating for a long time and when they do eat they may eat as little as possible. When they exercise they may feel overly tired when doing so but keep going.

Bulimia Nervosa: A lot of people have bulimia and anorexia in which they may want to be as skinny as the people they see online and starve but then when the you do eat they feel guilty and purge (purposely be sick). But sometimes it’s just bulimia in which they just do the second part. They may eat loads in front of others to make it seem like nothing is wrong and the be sick when they are alone.

Binge Eating: People who binge eating may not actually like the fact they eat a lot. They may be trying to deal with something in their personal lives like a mental health disorder. The way they cope may be by eating sugary things or cards or just whatever they really like. Nice food does make you feel better so it is a rational reason. 

How to help someone with anxiety eating disorder?

Someone with any of these eating disorders just needs someone who understands. They need encouragement to eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle. If their you need to gain some weight and they’ve been influenced by their you media them show them athletes. They are thin but still in good health and they exercise in are healthy way and eat good food everyday. If they need to lose some weight then try encourage them to go to the gym and eat healthy food and if they are responsible dealing with something show them there’s better ways to deal with it.

– Willow xx 

*Disclaimer: Everything written is from my own knowledge apart from the definition. I am not a professional. Nothing is intended to offend anyone. This is just to raise awareness.*

How to make a decision

So this is something you can do if your stuck between 2 different things and you don’t know which one you want more. This is passed all the pros and cons of each. It’s something you do when you’ve tried everything else.

Basically you get a coin or a dice or something with 2 opposites. You say that decision 1 is heads and decision 2 is tails you flip it and see what it lands on. It doesn’t actually matter what it lands on. In your head you’ll be subconsciously thinking about what side you want it to land on. That’s how you know. If it lands on the side you don’t want it to then you may then think “I’ll do it best out of 5” because then you have a chance of changing it. Do you get what I’m saying?

With a dice you can say decision 1 is lower than 3 and decision 2 is higher than 3.

I recently did this with cards because I had nothing else. So I lay all the cards face down and decision 1 was black cards and decision 2 is red cards. I picked 5 and whatever colour I had most would be my decision. But in my head I knew I wanted it to turn out red. It didn’t. But I chose red anyway.


Sometimes I wish I could just run away to some place different. Sit on the side of a road or on a bridge or on a mountain top. Just watch the world go by. Have no problems to deal with. Know no person that walks past. I could change who I am. I could be someone different. Forget about my past. Live a different life. Leave old me behind and create a new one. I just wanna get away from here and never come back. I think about it a lot. Will you join me?

100 what?

Did someone say 100? But 100 what? 

  • 100 puppies?
  • 100 donuts?
  • 100 cabbages?
  • 100 smiles?
  • 100 pounds?
  • 100 willows?

I sure hope there’s not cause a Willow army would just wipe y’all out.

Nah its 100 followers!! And to many people that’s like nothing but to me that’s like a lot. 50 is a lot. 10 is a lot. 

I don’t post as regularly as I used to and that does make me sad it’s just I am so busy and not original. But I’m still here. Trying to post at least once a week. 

It’s been great so far. I hope to be here for much longer.

It’s also 100 posts which is a fucking coincidence. This is my 100th post for 100 followers. You don’t get much luckier than that people.

– A happy happy Willow ūüôā


So I had the best day of my life on Wednesday. I saw Coldplay in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. They were fucking awesome. Excuse the language but there’s no other words to describe it amazing it was.

The atmosphere was brilliant. I’ve never sang and shouted so loud and just didn’t give 2 shits. I wasn’t anxious about the crowds which is surprising. I just decided I wanted to enjoy it and I did. Below I shall include some pictures. 

– Willow xx 

Pros and Cons of Short Hair

I recently cut my hair so here I am making a list of pros and cons about it. 


  • Less time washing and drying it 
  • Less knots 
  • Different hairstyles to try
  • Less sweat in summer
  • No hair in the eyes 24/7 
  • Different
  • Less shampoo and conditioner needed
  • Less time styling your hair
  • Less weight 
  • Less frizz
  • Growing out fringes seems quicker
  • No brush breakages 
  • Less hair in said brush


  • Less hairstyles out there
  • Tying it up is harder 
  • Less head banging 
  • Giant buns no longer exist
  • No regrets to be made 

– Willow xx 


So tonight I was part of a concert with and orchestra, a couple choirs and a few little ensembles. There were quite a few people there and it was awesome.

So I don’t know if I told you guys but about 5 or 6 weeks ago I started learning the bass for the concert. I keep making the joke that I’ve been playing it for 5 minutes but I’m not gonna do that here. It was my first time performing with the bass tonight. I also played keyboard (which I hate cause I’m a pianist not a keyboardist) in 4 songs and let me tell ya, standing right at the front and needing to get the bass on me and plug it in and adjust the sound a bit is a lot different from piano but it was bloody brilliant. It’s awesome to be able to play 2 polar opposite instruments (3 if you count guitar). 

I also loved listening to everyone else performances. There were some absolutely beautiful pieces and songs. I don’t know if it’s just me but when something really awesome and beautiful happens in a piece of music I get a chill down my spine and it’s like I don’t need to think if the music is good or not because my body just tells me that it is. 

Other points of interest: I talked to, friend requested and performed with a really cute guy (Don’t worry my boyfriend know. I ain’t gonna cheat). 

And on that note (hahaha pun!!) I shall leave you carry on with your lovely days. Enjoy it and enjoy the sounds and music all around you. Take it in and appreciate it because our lives would not be the same with out it.

– Willow xx 


Currently what my parents are doing; stereotyping.

Here’s the story.

I have medium length hair and I wanna cut it short to my shoulders. My mum says I’d look like a boy and that girls with short hair are gay. She obviously hasn’t accustomed to the 21st century. It’s really p-ing me off cause that’s just totally wrong. 

  • There are plenty of girls with short hair who are “girly”
  • There are plenty of straight girls with short hair
  • There are plenty of homosexual girls with long hair.
  • There are boys with long hair and they aren’t called out for being girly
  • There are homosexual boys who look like.. well boys.
  • There are homosexual girls who look like girls.
  • There are straight girls that are tomboy.
  • There are straight boys who look feminine.
  • There are people who are people!

It’s not just my parents either. It’s society. We have become better adapted to these types of things which is brilliant but the older generations don’t seem to get it. For example, my aunt and uncle think my 9 year old cousin is gonna be gay and they hate it. I’m here praying like “Please be gay so we can torture the family together.” (I’m not gay btw. I just really support it which I think a lot of straight people are afraid to do.) So yeah. My entire family is homophobic. I wish I was gay to torture them but I wasn’t born that way but there’s still hope in a tiny 9 year old.

Anyway. Stereotypes are shit. Like:

  • All girls need to be feminine and pretty and wear makeup and dress fancy
  • All boys should do sport an be muscular and masculine.

How about girls doing sports? How about girls looking “shit” and “boyish” every once in a whole? How about boys wearing makeup? How about boys dressing nice and fancy and putting effort in? Are any of these things really that bad?

Is it really a “free world” or is it just free hate?

Mind Blank

I literally have no clue what to write. I have no original ideas. I have no clue what I’m doing. Life is confusing and busy and 10o miles an hour and I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know the direction I’m heading. I’m trying to change but it’s not working. Who am I? I’m trying to discover myself but it’s harder than it looks.


Hey there!

Long time no see. Last week was a week full of exams and there was no time for writing, drawing, piano or guitar. Just pure revision. I still have 1 exam left tomorrow which is maths and then I am done until next year’s GCSEs. Yay! -_-

So my opinion of makeup. I think makeup is a good and bad thing. 


  • Makes you feel confident
  • It’s an artistic way to express yourself 
  • Makeup before and afters are so satisfying 
  • Makeup tutorials fill your time up 
  • You learn new things and skills


  • It hides natural beauty
  • It actually makes you have more acne because that’s how makeup is designed so you buy more
  • Starting out doesn’t go the way you want it to
  • When the foundation is too orange
  • When there’s amazing colours but they don’t suit you
  • Sunny weather means you melt

    The thing I really hate is that if you wear makeup… you get criticised and if you don’t wear makeup… you get criticised. Like to be honest if you wanna wear full coverage makeup then go for it. If you wanna wear no makeup at all then go for it. If you wanna be somewhere in between then go for it. 

    I rarely ever wear makeup because I’m pretty crap at it if I’m honest but sometimes I feel creative and put a tad on. I watch makeup tutorials and stuff sometimes. I’m not major into it like a lot of people are but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. That’s my choice. I’m not always gonna like what your makeup looks like or what her makeup looks like and there’s always gonna be someone who doesn’t like something about you. That’s their opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Don’t take it personally it’s just what they like or don’t like. If you like it then great. If someone else likes their makeup but not yours then that’s okay too. The wrong thing to do is criticise them because we gotta spread some love in the evil world of ours.

    So yeah that’s that. What do you think about makeup?

    – Willow xx