Mind Blank

I literally have no clue what to write. I have no original ideas. I have no clue what I’m doing. Life is confusing and busy and 10o miles an hour and I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know the direction I’m heading. I’m trying to change but it’s not working. Who am I? I’m trying to discover myself but it’s harder than it looks.


Hey there!

Long time no see. Last week was a week full of exams and there was no time for writing, drawing, piano or guitar. Just pure revision. I still have 1 exam left tomorrow which is maths and then I am done until next year’s GCSEs. Yay! -_-

So my opinion of makeup. I think makeup is a good and bad thing. 


  • Makes you feel confident
  • It’s an artistic way to express yourself 
  • Makeup before and afters are so satisfying 
  • Makeup tutorials fill your time up 
  • You learn new things and skills


  • It hides natural beauty
  • It actually makes you have more acne because that’s how makeup is designed so you buy more
  • Starting out doesn’t go the way you want it to
  • When the foundation is too orange
  • When there’s amazing colours but they don’t suit you
  • Sunny weather means you melt

    The thing I really hate is that if you wear makeup… you get criticised and if you don’t wear makeup… you get criticised. Like to be honest if you wanna wear full coverage makeup then go for it. If you wanna wear no makeup at all then go for it. If you wanna be somewhere in between then go for it. 

    I rarely ever wear makeup because I’m pretty crap at it if I’m honest but sometimes I feel creative and put a tad on. I watch makeup tutorials and stuff sometimes. I’m not major into it like a lot of people are but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. That’s my choice. I’m not always gonna like what your makeup looks like or what her makeup looks like and there’s always gonna be someone who doesn’t like something about you. That’s their opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Don’t take it personally it’s just what they like or don’t like. If you like it then great. If someone else likes their makeup but not yours then that’s okay too. The wrong thing to do is criticise them because we gotta spread some love in the evil world of ours.

    So yeah that’s that. What do you think about makeup?

    – Willow xx 

    Mental Health – Depression


    Most people go through a period of feeling down but when you’re depressed you feel persistently for weeks or months rather than just a few days.

    What is depression?

    Depression isn’t just a phase or something you can snap out of. It’s a real health condition even though many people think it is not. Depression is when you feel sad for a very long time. Sometimes there’s a reason and sometimes there’s not. That’s why it’s such a bad thing. When there’s no explanation for your sadness it can be hard for people to help you and hard for you yourself to understand.

    What my might a person with anxiety experience?

    Someone with anxiety may experience:

    • Fatigue
    • Less motivation
    • Sad even at happy times
    • Tearful
    • Low self esteem
    • Moving slower
    • Numbness

    Everyone goes through it quite differently. Sometimes it’s mild depression and sometimes it’s severe and whichever one it is they both deserve the same amount of help. With severe depression you have to be careful of self harm and suicidal thoughts.

    How to help someone with depression

    Someone with depression just needs a little love. Find out what makes them most happy and fuel it. Maybe try get them to talk about their feelings. Just be comforting and do things they enjoy. If it’s severe then further help may be needed

    Thanks for reading my friends. Stay happy!

    – Willow xx 

    *Disclaimer: Everything written is from my own knowledge apart from the definition. I am not a professional. Nothing is intended to offend anyone. This is just to raise awareness.*

    Fuck the World

    So right. We got all these famous people in the world (Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell, The Kardashians, etc.) And they are all billionaires or close to that and we’ve got all these homeless people, poor people, starving people, children suffering, countries with poor health care, countries who don’t even have water and the celebrities sit around enjoying their fame and buying themselves mansions and cool cars and cool clothes and being full of themselves while these people are left to die. Yes yes yes you can say that celebrities give to charities but that’s nothing. They still care more about themselves and their game and having a massive following. These people don’t have access to food or water or health care and they are dying! They are fucking dying and all these rich people are doing nothing about it! I’d love to be able to help but I can’t. I’m sure there’s loads of people who want to help but can’t because even though we are in a much better condition and these poor people, we still do not have sufficient funds to help them. Celebrities do! Why aren’t they doing something about it?! 

    It makes me so annoyed and I have no faith in this godamn world!



    What’s it like to feel alive?
    How does it feel to breath?

    I’m surrounded by water.
    Everyone is above me.
    I’m stuck below,
    Under the water.
    Trying to call for help.
    But I just keep swallowing water.
    More and more water.

    I struggle to resurface
    But my feet are tied down.
    You see me.
    You hear my muffled cries.
    You swim down
    But my chains are too tight.
    You go to the surface.
    You need the air that I am deprived of
    I won’t let you go down with me.
    But you no longer try anyway.

    I sink to the floor.
    I can no longer fight this battle.
    The chains are too strong
    And my mind is too weak.

    The water flows around me.
    For once, all is peaceful.
    I watch the fish swim happily
    As the sun illuminates their scales.
    There’s no one above anymore.
    Except you.
    We share one last glance
    As you swim away.

    I am alone.
    Everyone has gone.
    It settle to night.
    The stars shine above.
    It’s the perfect way to die;
    Alone yet calm.
    And then suddenly in a flash,
    All is lost. 


    I wonder what it’s like to be popular. What is it like to be one of  cool girls? Not the mean kind of popular though. 

    Here I sit in school, writing this blog post, surrounded by groups of girls talking and laughing and enjoying themselves with their friends. I sit alone because I’m the outcast. But I always wonder what it’s like to have friends. 

    I always wonder what it’s like to wear your hair in the perfect way that everyone comments how much they like it.

     I wonder what it’s like to apply your makeup with such precision that there’s not a slight bit out of place and it doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear it’s always perfect. 

    I’m curious at how amazing and slim they all look in skirts and tight trousers. 

    I wonder what it’s like to have such confidence. How do you talk to anyone you meet? How can you talk to any boy (or girl) you like? 

    I wonder how you can wear absolutely anything and look so good in it. How do you go to parties in such skinny dresses and not feel incredibly awkward?

    I can never do any of these things. 

    My hair falls as soon as I put it up in anyway. 

    My makeup never blends right and the colours look awful on me.

    When I wear skirts my legs look like tree stumps.

    When I talk to people I stumble over my words.

    I look huge in any skinny clothing and I am way to awkward and shy to go to a party. Not that I’d get invited.

    I wonder what it’s like. 

    Invisible Tears and a Fake Smile

    You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life. People always keep to themselves. No one know what’s going on in their mind. 

    Maybe they’re thinking about the one they love. Perhaps their battling their demons. Or maybe they’re dreaming of a different life. 

    Their eyes show it more than their mouth says it. In someone’s eyes you can see a hundred and one emotions whereas a person’s face can hide it all. 

    Invisible tears and a fake smile.

    Exams – Tips to Succeed!

    Hey there!

    So like last week I did a post about what not to do in exams and revising so now I am gonna counteract that and write about things you should do.

    1. Take black pens because you ain’t allowed blue ones. I learnt this the hard way.
    2. Take your time through the exam. Don’t just open the paper and how straight in. Look through it. Do the hardest and longest questions first because then if you start to run out of time you can easily write in the answers if they’re short and easy questions. Plus it’s better to lose 1 mark than 8 marks. 
    3. Prepare everything the night before. It will be less of a panic on the morning of the exam plus then you can fit in some extra revision before the exam.
    4. Don’t revise too late because your brain doesn’t take in the information so it pointless. It’s actually been proven that your brain takes in information better in the morning.
    5. Don’t revise for too long because you get agitated and stressed. It’s better to do it in intervals because then you’ll be calmer and take everything in better 
    6. Do revision that works for you not what the teacher tells you because it could be pointless.
    7. Take a break. Everyone deserves one. It keeps you relaxed.
    8. Try not to panic because it can cause your mind to go into overdrive which means you won’t think properly. Remember it’s just an exam.
    9. Enjoy it because one day you’ll be even more stressed with working and paying tax and bills.

      Hope these helped some people. Thanks for reading guys! Good luck in your exams!

      – Willow xx 

      Exams – Tips to fail!

      Hey there!

      I assure you I am not giving you tips to fail… technically. I’m gonna give you a list (omg it’s been so long since I’ve done a list) on things not to do in an exam or revising for an exam. I had my first GCSE exam on Tuesday which was Welsh because I live in Wales and if anyone else here did that exam can we just agree that the picture question was bullshit? Everyone else of course doesn’t have a clue about what I just said. Anyway!!!

      1. Do not attempt to cheat. If you get caught you get a fail on all your other exams. Don’t do it. Simple. 
      2. Don’t try to talk to your friend. You’ll get a fail on your exams and your friends exams. The daily gossip can wait. I know it’s hard my friends.
      3. Don’t go unprepared. Get all your pens and pencils and all the stuff you need ready the day before. Make sure to get black pens because I did not know you can’t write in blue pens and I took about 5 of them and no black ones. I also recommend getting a clear pencil case since you aren’t allowed normal ones in an exam.
      4. Don’t revise for a long time and do it shitly. That’s right folks I said it. Don’t revise for longer. It’s better to revise for maybe just half an hour or an hour and do it really in depth than do it for like 3 hours and put not much effort into it.
      5. Don’t stay up late revising. It’s not good for your brain. You’ll be tired in the exam and you won’t be able to focus. The best time to revise is in the morning.
      6. Don’t revising in the wrong way. So basically don’t write a pile of notes if that’s not what helps you to revise. If you find it easier to physically do things to revise then do that. If you prefer bullet point to spider diagrams then do that.
      7. Don’t eat junk food before an exam. Your brain can’t function properly. It needs good stuff.
      8. Don’t start revising the night before. If you do this then it’s too late for you. RIP dude.
      9. Don’t panic. If you panic you’ll do worse. So don’t panic about doing it shit because you’ll do it shitter.
      10. Lastly, don’t counter act these points because that is literally taking as a “How to Fail List”

      Hope this helped some people. Good luck with exams peeps.

      – Willow xx